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                               President's recap of 100th Anniversary Show



PRESIDENTíS MESSAGE  - Robert Bomia,  June 2017  

Election time is upon us for Vice President and three directors.  I encourage everyone to vote, and to vote for those that you feel will best serve the work of the membership.   We have many fine candidates running for office, and I wish them all well and thank them for wanting to do the work of the Federation and to serve the members.

Thank Eastern States for putting on a wonderful National Show, and congratulations to all that could attend and the winners.  Results posted in Newsletter.  

Looking forward to Keith Brown and the Ohio All Flemish Breeders putting on the 15th Annual Flemish Giant Federation National Show in Columbus, Ohio next year.  This is the same club that hosted our 100th Anniversary show and it should be one of the best shows ever.  Make plans to attend this great event.  

The National Convention will be upon us soon and we are looking forward to seeing everyone in Indy. This fall.   Keep those Flemish cool this summer and letís make the Flemish Giant Entry large.   Letís not forget to send nominations in for Honor Roll and Master Breeders awards.  

The Federation lost a great icon and leader as Roger RED Dent passed away.  Roger ran the Federation as Sec/Treas. For over 20 years with Harold May.   They contributed to the Great Federation as being one of the Best Specialty clubs in the ARBA.   Missed by all that knew him and always Giant thanks for all that he did for The Federation.  RIP.  

A special prayer for all those members with health issues and any of their family members.  May God be with you and help you thru these trying times.  

Letís keep putting in Ads to Tom Orr for the Guidebook.  Kathy Rynard and Joanne Walker are working on the 100th Anniversary Guide Book and we are looking to see it published in the near future.  Thank all for their patience in waiting for this historic Guide book celebrating our 100 years.   Kathy has experienced some health issues that have set us back, and my prayers are with her.  Anyone wanting to help Kathy finish this Guidebook please contact her.  

Remember this is a hobby and keep it fun.  

 For the Federation and its Members -  Robert Bomia   Phone:  419-304-3068 







ARBA Convention Judges:

This is the list of Judges for the ARBA National Conventions from Membership votes at previous National Conventions.   

The next Judges will be voted on at the 2016 ARBA National Convention to fill openings in 2022.

If you have a judge that you want to vote for, check with them and insure that they are available in this year prior to waisting a vote if they are already booked to do another breed.. Most all the Popular Judges are booked years in advance. I had to hIre Wade Burkhalter for 2023 because that was his first open date, and lots of members wanted him. He is a very popular judge. 

National Flemish Giant Ė Judges scheduled for upcoming National Conventions to Judge Flemish Giants (Open and Youth), Nov. 20, 2013



2017 -  Dr. Chris Hayhow, GA (Open and Youth)

             Jamie Green, GA  (Open and Youth)


2018 -  Willis Plank, MI (Open and Youth)

              Bruce Ormsby, IN  (Open and Youth)     


2019 -  Dr. Chris Hayhow, GA (Open and Youth)

              Bruce Ormsby, IN (Open and Youth)


2020 -  Dr. Chris Hayhow, GA (Open and Youth)

              Willis Plank, MI (Open and Youth)                


2021 -  Josh Humphries, TN  (Open and Youth)

             Rusty Westhoff, TN   (Open and Youth)


2022 -  Judges to be voted on by membership at the 2017

             ARBA National Convention


2023 -  Wade Burkhalter, MO (Open and Youth)

              2nd judge to be voted on at the 2018 ARBA National Convention


Robert Bomia, President, NFFGRB